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You have not experienced real second hand embarrassment until you have read the part in Good Omens where Aziraphale tries to do a magic show.

somewhere there’s a youtube video of him talking about it! iiiiii don’t remember where, though.

so i googled “johnny yong bosch talks about persona 4” and i think this is the video? and it seems like i actually wasn’t that far off

they literally just told him he was also voicing the protagonist and he just ran with it

voice acting is weird

i haven’t seen the dub of the first persona 4 anime, but i hope they keep the actors for the second one, if only for the mental image of johnny yong bosch repeatedly punching himself in the face

playing both the hero and the villain ain’t easy


Velvet Room confirmed for Port-a-Potty  in Persona 5

revolutionaryjo replied to your post “revolutionaryjo replied to your post:so like, now that i actually have…”

Best of luck! And looks like Barakamon is available on free Hulu too. My mistake. I just watched the first episode and it was super adorable so now I guess I’m going to have to watch the whole thing oooooops.

yesssss all must watch barakamon it is legit one of my favorite shows this season

it’s just this perfect combination of heartwarming, irreverent, and interesting (i don’t know shit about calligraphy), plus the male lead is such a cutie pie

Is some shit going down in the fansub world? I’m out of the loop. And FYI, Barakamon is legit streaming on Hulu Plus, as is Terror in Resonance.

the japanese government passed a law or something about anime piracy, and the various sites weren’t too concerned about it because there’s been stuff like that before, but now apparently actual stuff is happening—one of the big torrent hosts got DDOSed, and the site i use that links to every new upload, which i think is generally considered one of the best, has also been hit and is currently down. the people in charge apparently still aren’t worried, but, well, two of the biggest sites are down. that’s. kind of worrying.

but oooooh thanks for the knowledge about barakamon! if things do go belly-up in the next four weeks, i guess i can get a one-month hulu plus subscription for that.

terror in resonance is on hulu too but, ads.

ooh! well, if anime piracy does go completely under, i can deal with ads

i just don’t watch enough of the funimation-exclusive shows to make a subscription all that viable, as opposed to crunchyroll, so if i can watch a free legal stream of them, i will put up with ads

besides, i rewatched the persona 4 anime on hulu and while it was annoying it was not a deal-breaker. admittedly this was only because downloads were taking too long and i wanted to watch the show right now but still

literally the very first time I was ever shown persona 4 we ended up staying up until 4am playing it and I had work in the morning. No regrets.

literally the only reason i could think of to stop playing it was because i needed to get to sleep, if i could have gone a few more hours without sleep i totally would have kept going

that fucking game, man

aside from some of the “comedy” scenes, there is literally nothing wrong with it

this feel, I know it. fortunately with practice I am now able to write ‘cock’ like a pro. look at it, all spelled correctly and it only took me a second to write as opposed to two years (srsly tho i know this feel)

i remember, back in 2007 or so, when i wrote my first sex scene, thinking “am i even allowed to do this? is this okay? will i burst into flames the moment i start?”

seven-odd years (oh god) later, i have come to the conclusion that i am allowed to do it, that showing it to people isn’t a colossal embarrassment, and that i am indeed capable of doing it

but it’s still a little awkward and het is like mega ultra awkward but rrrrrrrrggggghhhhh i’m gonna do it i can write one scene i can i have written a het sex scene before i can do it

…admittedly that scene was noncon but still

so like, now that i actually have money, i’m thinking if anime piracy does take a huge hit, i might as well just get a crunchyroll subscription, right? they’re not that expensive and since the files i normally watch are literally rips from them, it’s not like there would actually be any difference

and i guess i could get a funimation one too for terror in resonance and whatever other show they have this season that crunchyroll doesn’t. tokyo ghoul? maybe, idk, i know there’s something

but. thing is. barakamon. while barakamon is on crunchyroll, it is for some baffling reason not available in english-speaking countries. it is literally impossible to legally watch barakamon in the US.

and i really like barakamon.

so if anime piracy could hold out for another four weeks that would be great thanks